What does genuine leather burden on the environment?

Genuine leather is often made from skins cut from edible livestock such as cows, pigs, and sheep. Also, one of the unique characteristics of genuine leather is that it can be used for many years while enjoying its changes over time, and in this sense it can be considered as a link to sustainable consumption. In some areas, recycling of genuine leather is also progressing.

On the other hand, it is said that there are many cases in which animals are killed in order to obtain their skins, and this practice is now being avoided from the perspective of animal welfare. In addition, methane gas emitted by livestock contributes to global warming, and chemicals used in the process of tanning which prevents hides from drying and corroding and turn them into leather, are causing environmental pollution. For these reasons, in recent years avoiding genuine leather movement is taken place with the expansion of veganism and sustainable consumption.

What does synthetic leather burden on the environment?

Conventional synthetic leather is made by processing cloth with synthetic resin made from petroleum and various chemicals. Compared to genuine leather, it has the advantages of being resistant to water and stains, being inexpensive, and suitable for mass-produced.

On the other hand, it has a short lifespan and undergoes significant chemical deterioration even within a few years. Additionally, it cannot be recycled after use and must only be incinerated when it's to be disposed. Problems such as greenhouse gas emission while incineration process environmental pollution by its no-biodegradation when it's illegally dumped. Thus some Western countries have recently started regulating synthetic leathers such as polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane.

Is QUARTECH the same as recycled leather?

Recycled leather is made by collecting scraps and fragments from the cutting process of genuine leather and by reprocessing them into sheets using natural materials and resins. Although it is completely different from QUARTECH which is made from polyester fabric, both are taking different approaches to environmental protection.

However, recycled leather cannot be recycled after use since it's made from genuine leather and resin. In terms of recyclability, it can be said that QUARTECH contributes considerably to environmental protection.

Is there any difference from plant-based vegan leather?

Plant-based vegan leather is a synthetic leather made from natural resins made primarily from plants, and its main feature is that it can reduce the consumption of petroleum resources. It's even more sustainable if you're upcycling repurposed plants. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the product cannot be recycled after use like traditional synthetic leather.

QUARTECH is made by polyester fibers produced from upcycled plastic waste so that its major advantages are facilitating ocean beautification by collecting waste and its recyclability. It takes a completely different approach from plant-based vegan leather, and aims for a higher level of environmental protection.

How is QUARTECH recycled?

The fabric is cut, bleached, and made into pellets. From there, a new QUARTECH is created by spinning and weaving the thread again.

Having a concern on the fabric texture.

The texture of QUARTECH varies greatly depending on the process applied to the fabric. So it is the easiest way to understand by taking a look at the actual fabric. Please feel free to contact us via this Inquiry form for sample requests and consultations.

How is its durability?

It has strength comparable to general synthetic leather. Durability can be further increased through additional processing, so we will propose the optimal customization depending on the application.

Is it possible to add tension to the fabric when it is to be used for bags and so forth?

Yes. It is possible. By applying coating to the surface or adding materials such as non-woven fabric to the back side, you can create thickness and tension as requested.

Is it washable the clothes made with QUARTECH?

It is basically washable since it is a polyester fabric,

Is QUARTECH able to apply for car seats?

It can also be used for car seats. Appropriate processing can increase durability and waterproof.

How many colors are available?

You can choose from wide variety of colors since QUARTECH is to be dyed after weaving the fabric. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your requests.

Is it possible to add patterns or designs on the fabric?

Yes. Various patterns can be added, including general embossing. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are expecting for the design.