Contribution to
a sustainable society

Materials that can
be recycled

In order to use limited resources effectively, it is essential that not only individuals but also companies should work on recycling.
Unlike conventional synthetic leather, QUARTECH is a material made by weaving high-quality polyester fibers without mixing resin or chemicals during the production process. Therefore, after use, it can be recycled as a new polyester material without being thrown away or burned.


Utilization of
ocean bound plastic

Ocean bound plastic (OBP) is plastic waste that is discarded inland within approximately 50 km from the coast and has a high possibility of flowing into the ocean and polluting the environment. It is also possible to make QUARTECH using polyester fibers made by upcycling OBP. Becoming widely use of QUARTECH will facilitate on taking back OBP even though it's circularly, which will also make it possible for ocean beautification and environmental protection.


Sustainable supply chain

In recent years, companies have been required to carry out their activities with a high level of awareness not only of environmental issues but also of human rights and laws. QUARTECH's entire supply chain ensures respect for human rights and legal compliance. We will fulfill our social responsibility by ensuring that QUARTECH is not and will not be produced by using unethical or illegal labor.

Making efforts to circular material


Making efforts
to circular material

By properly recycling used fabrics and scraps discarded during the cutting process, they can be reborn into a new QUARTECH. We are aiming to make QUARTECH as a complete circular material by making all the materials used in QUARTECH come from QUARTECH in the future.